December 24, 2018

Vastu and Astrology Solution

Both Vaastu and Astrology are complementary to each other. In which direction your home or business location is. What kind of land is built on, Kshatriya land, Vaishya land, Brahmani, land of auspicious nature etc. What type of plot is the size of the gauvakhi or the Nahar Mukhi (tiger face)? How is the main door of the house and in which direction. What is the environment around the plot, home and business place. A perforation in front of the house (tree, pillar, large building, pit, door) etc. The shadow of any religious place is not falling at home. According to Vastu, how is the arrangement of lighting at home or business place. Whether there is a proper arrangement for shoes and slippers. In the direction of the steps in the house, the direction of the underground water tank, the water tank on the roof is in the direction. The place where the bathroom is built and its faucet, bathroom shower, gyzer in which direction, where the kitchen is in the house, and in which direction the entrance door is made, the direction of which vehicle are parked. These are all important in terms of architecture and astrology. If any of the above mentioned faults are on the person’s house, business location and factory, then it will be damaged by the planets, people, location, and associated prices. This loss can be of any type of personal, wealth, land-vehicle, commodity, ancestral property, wife, child, friend, and partner. Vastu defect does not get the money back lending, there is a loss in place of profit in business. The person also has trouble in making decisions. No work at the right time, luck can not be found. The person is mentally stressed. Some members of the family are constantly sick.

Due to vaastu defects, the machine frequently gets spoiled in the factory, the laborers do not work properly, there is a problem in selling finished goods or the goods are not made at the right time. Payment of goods sold does not arrive at the right time. There is a lack of money, there is a problem in getting the loan for business. All this is due to architectural faults, so a person should have an overview of his / her own horoscope and architectural home / business location so that the benefits can be obtained through astrology and Vaastu remedies. If there is any such problem with you, you can also download this AstroAnand mobile application in your mobile and get quick profit by following the measures mentioned in it and for more information, Pandit Vinod Acharya Contact us.

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