January 5, 2019

Remedies for Court Case

Court-office, remedy for early liberation from litigation
If the person is troubled by the courtroom for a long time and most of his time and money is being spent in litigation, then such a person should get his horoscope analyzed, in which the condition of the planet, Mahadasha is going on in the horoscope. The lord of the marriage is not located in any sin or in a polluted place. In the horoscope, the lord of wealth and profit is not making any sort of expenditure in the horoscope or his owner, and the vision of the lord of the tenth house is not on the wedding or on the wedding day, the more the sum total of these The person will suffer losses and Saturn, Rahu, Guru will be affecting the marriage, marriage and expenditure of the master of goodwill, as long as the person is troubled for a long time.
If such a situation is happening in a person’s horoscope, then these planets should be done, the peace of these planets should be done. If the marriage is weak, then to force it, you should chant the seeds of the planets of that planet, and with that, wearing the gem of that planet remains beneficial for the person. If the marriage is of low value then donating things related to this planet also benefits. Those planets in the horoscope should be donated to the lowly or inauspicious, and getting peace of these planets gets advantageous quickly and liberation of the vain, the liberation from the courts.
As well as taking action of the horoscope, the person gets rid of these troubles soon after implementing Vaastu’s measures. If the person has a place of gods and goddesses in a kitchen, a temple or a place of worship, then it will give them the benefit. Similarly if in the house if fire related work or fire is kept in the north or north-west of the house, then wasteful expenditure is also done. If the material related to the Gods of the north is located in the direction of the igneous direction or in the south, the person’s money is spent in unnecessary cases. Even if the goods or color related to the owner of the south direction is also in the east direction, even in matters related to the government, the person has to suffer loss.
If there are any such situations in your horoscope and in your home, then it will be beneficial for you and your family to take immediate action.

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