December 22, 2018

Lal Kitab Kundli And Astrology Online

In the red book, the measures are described according to the person’s horoscope and his planets. In Vedic astrology many books were written in detail in the horoscopes, 12 quarters, 9 planets, and 27 constellations, and even today, there is continuous scrutiny on this subject. According to the same method which is already described in the Lal Kitab Kundli, the horoscope and planets based on birth time have been given to the person. In the red book, every person has been given simple tips according to the planets located in their zodiac sign. By these measures any person (men and women) can get the solution according to their own amount. In the red book, the dialect associated with each of the bhavs, zodiac signs and planets, the mantras of planets, etc. have been described as the diagnosis of the evil effects of the planets. The red book contains self (body), personality, character, wealth, family, feat, brother and sister, domestic pleasures, vehicle pleasures, child happiness, education, wisdom, knowledge, disease to the person, enemies of themselves, debt, wife The happiness, partner, daily life, age, secret money, gambling, lottery, stock market, person’s fortune, father’s happiness, father’s benefits, parental property, government benefits, Raj Yoga, Rajusukh, Post, profit from friends, person’s Other benefits, funds received from the father, the loss of life have been discussed measures related etc. | These measures are in very simple form, by doing these measures, the person gets full benefits, and millions of people have benefited from these measures.
In the Astro anand mobile application, the remedies given in the Lal Kitab astrology online are given; the person can take full advantage of these measures through his horoscope and get rid of any of his problems. If the person has not got the happiness of the child, there is no obstacle in getting the child, the child has trouble in some way, his education is interrupted, the person will enjoy this weapon through you, , Can get full benefit by following the action related to the planet of the fifth house. The rules and remedies of donation have also been given in Lal Kitab. If a planet in the horoscope is harming the house or weakening the planet related to it, then the person gets quick benefit by donating related items to that planet. Even if there is any type of Vastu defect in the person’s house and the person has the correct information, then benefits can be obtained from simple and simple measures given in this red book. If no man (man and woman) is getting married, the marriage is being interrupted, the marriage is delayed, then by doing the remedies given in the red book, all the obstacles are cool and marriage will be soon yoga is made of marriage, marriage is done happily. You can also download this AstroAnand mobile application in your mobile and get quick profit by following the measures mentioned in it and for more information, contact Pandit Vinod Acharya Ji.

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