December 20, 2018

Expert Astrology for love Marriage and Vastu Shastra

Due to delay in marriages: There can be many reasons for delays in the marriage of girls and boys. If there is a delay in love marriage, if there are facing frequently obstacles, then it is necessary to first analyze your horoscope by doing any good scholar Pandit Ji. A person takes help from Astrologer who solved the problem by love marriage astrology which can be a helpful way. If there is any such planet in the horoscope of the bride and groom, due to the reason of marriage’s delay. The horoscope should have a complete overview of the presence of marriage (seventh), Saptamesh, Venus and Guru. Due to the effect of ominous planets in the seventh house, Saptamesh, there is a delay in marriage. The more faults in the horoscope, the more the marriage is delayed, and the marriage comes in disruption.

For the delay in marriage, with the observation of the bride and groom’s horoscope, the Vastu of your house should also pay special attention. If there is any type of Vastu defect in the home, there is a delay in marriage, the problem arises repeatedly in the marriage. That case you should advise to Vastu Shastra expert who knows how to fix all these problems. Place of worship in your house, kitchen, water system, entrance door, staircase, house color etc. also has a complete effect. The flaws in the horoscope of the bride and the bride will be present in the house as well; the blame will be in the house as well, in any member of the house, the fault means that due to the defect caused by any place, person or object, marriage is delayed. Or the disruption comes. Therefore, it is mandatory to take good care of all the above-mentioned activities and to make peace of all kinds of defects, there is an immediate increase in marriage and marriage takes place.

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