December 31, 2018

Back Leanding Money

The lending money does not get back, how the money stops in the business is not received, the money is not being received, whenever one lends money to the money, the money is stuck, what measures should be taken to get back the paused money?Whenever a second quote of a person's horoscope, fourth house and eighth house is contaminated, the effect of the ominous…

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December 26, 2018

kundli matching for marriage

When determining the marriage of Kundli-Matching, it is necessary to combine the horoscope for a happy married life of a bride and groom, so that there is no obstacle in the marriage, marriage can be done peacefully and further in any of her life. There was no such problem. While kundli matching for marriage, the maximum number of properties is 36 and marriage is…

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December 24, 2018

Vastu and Astrology Solution

Both Vaastu and Astrology are complementary to each other. In which direction your home or business location is. What kind of land is built on, Kshatriya land, Vaishya land, Brahmani, land of auspicious nature etc. What type of plot is the size of the gauvakhi or the Nahar Mukhi (tiger face)? How is the main door of the house and in which direction. What…

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