December 31, 2018

Back Leanding Money

The lending money does not get back, how the money stops in the business is not received, the money is not being received, whenever one lends money to the money, the money is stuck, what measures should be taken to get back the paused money?
Whenever a second quote of a person’s horoscope, fourth house and eighth house is contaminated, the effect of the ominous planets, then the person should refrain from lending to anyone. Even if there is any type of fault in the north side at your home or business place along with the horoscope, there are obstacles in money gains. The lending money is stuck and you have to work very hard to get that money back and sometimes it will not get back. If in the fourth house of the horoscope of the horoscope there is an ill-effects of the sinful planets like Rahu-Ketu, Saturn, Mars, then there is definitely a hindrance in the realization of money, money gets stuck. As long as the person does not take any proper measures to remove the inauspicious effect of his horoscope, then such troubles continue to come in person’s life again and again. In the sixth of the horoscope, if the auspicious planet is present and there is a cruel or inauspicious planet in the Dashash Vihar and there is an inauspicious effect in the wealth and profit, then even the person has to face many difficulties in getting the money / wealth. Therefore, a person should get rid of his horoscope and should try his best to keep the north direction in his house and business place faultless.

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