January 5, 2019


When a person receives a government job and what to do, to get more jobs and get a government job soon. In the person’s horoscope, the condition of the Guru, Mars, Sun, Saturn is considered for getting government job. If the effects of these planets in the horoscope are on the tenth and horoscope of the horoscope, then the sum of government jobs is created and in the transit, when these planets combine the vision then the person gets a government job. In order to get government jobs, the position of keeping the objects related to these planets in their proper place along with the horoscope of the house is also beneficial. The measure of Sun, Guru, Mars and Saturn is very quick for the person for the government job, so for the sake of both the horoscope and the object, the government job gets and the person gets profit from it. If any of the planets of Sun, Thu, Mars, Saturn are of lowly, be of enemy zodiac, do not be present with the master of the disease or suffering, if any such situation is created then the yoga of government jobs becomes weak There is a delay in finding a job, so it is necessary to make peace of these planets.
After reciting Gayatri Mantra 108 times daily for the government job, you should get Ralf (Kumkum), Red Flower, some salt, etc. in the water. For the Guru, always give green green fodder to the cow, feed the soaked pulses of gram, serve the Brahmin, donate the Dakshina, bless the elderly, give some money to the kinars, get a lot of benefit. If Mars is in low lying, then donate goods to Mars, make peace of Mars and do some help of poor, helpless, helpless people for Saturn. In addition to doing these remedies at home, these objects in the right direction are benefitted immediately in the right direction and all the hurdles in the job get rid of them, the sum of government jobs can be made soon.

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